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Tactical Baby Gear Podcast

Sep 17, 2019

Embracing the suck is just a part of being a parent.

We are dealing with a lot of suck this week! Alex is working on a new morning routine for his 3 boys. The twins have started to get up early and destroy their room, waking up their little brother in the process, to add to the madness before the sun even comes up. Beav makes sure to let him know that is always going to happen, as his oldest daughter will still do the same thing to her room. It now becomes a situation of picking your battles, and saving your sanity. 

The thought that you are failing as a parent is easy to come by when you start to compare your kids development and skill sets to other kids in the neighborhood. Whether it's removing training wheels, swimming on their own, or running a production line, does it really matter where your kids stacks up? You may have to put off work to make sure your offspring is getting the training they need to grow and learn new things.

Beav vents a little bit about some disrespectful kids that were over at his house this summer demanding drinks and making a mess of bathrooms. He makes a great point that teaching your kids to be respectful and polite at other peoples houses is extremely important. It doesn’t just benefit Mom and Dad when the kids act like responsible little people, it can make a huge impression on how other people see your children. 

All of this and a ton of great conversation and stories on this weeks episode of the Tactical Baby Gear® Podcast.