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Tactical Baby Gear Podcast

Sep 3, 2019

This week on the Tactical Baby Gear® Podcast, Beav sits down with his personal trainer, John Duberley ( John is a Navy veteran, and a low key bad ass. In the Navy, John had to keep fit to ensure he could complete missions and duties while out to sea. He developed a passion for fitness, not only for him self, but his team mates and fellow sailors. That passion has continued into John’s civilian career. He is now a personal trainer under the PULSEology flag, as well as a professional runner, representing local and national brands like LuluLemom, SlayRx and Salty Britches. Specializing in 5k and 10k races, John has become accustomed to winning races, like the NineLine Foundation annual 5k/10k, multiple times.

After a few years of patiently waiting on Beav to make the mental shift to get back into the gym, John has helped Beav for the past 60 days to get rid of his dadbod and break the routine of sitting at a desk and then eating Moes and Oreos for dinner.
The biggest drive for Beav on his fitness journey was the need to take care of him self so that he could then take care of his family and business.

Hear Johns philosophy on getting people started with his training regiment, not setting them up for failure, and some basic nutrition advice that can get you pointed in the right direction. The most basic work out of pushups, situps and squats can be enough to get you started and motivated, especially if you have friends or a group to go with.

Hear all of this and a ton more on this episode of The Tactical Baby Gear® Podcast.