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Tactical Baby Gear Podcast

Apr 13, 2021

Alex is back … and he has a parenting failure to confess. Beav gets a concerning message from a teacher and may be drowning his concerns in tacos. Or maybe that’s just his normal amount of taco consumption. Meanwhile, Alex is still dealing with The Great Bathroom Flood of 2021. And because we can’t go a single episode without some sort of poop story, there’s one of those too. And with Brandy’s due date almost here (early June!) Beav is shopping for all the baby gear and reminiscing about when Cameron and Kendall were babies. Also discussed in this episode:

With Siri calling out direction, will kids even know how to read a map when they go up?
Does anybody memorize phone numbers anymore?
Is there a better way to teach our kids that emphasizes real-world application?

Catch it on this week’s episode of the Tactical Baby Gear® podcast!