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Tactical Baby Gear Podcast

May 26, 2021

This week we have a special guest, the world famous YouTuber, Alex Mazhukhin, better known as Mr. Build It. Alex is a father of 2 boys and an 11 month old baby girl. About 7 years ago, Alex’s wife was wanting some upgrades to their first house, but as a young couple they couldn’t afford to have things built for them. Enter the beginning of Mr. Build it, where Alex was doing home improvement projects in blog form and on Pinterest. With a small following building, the Mr. Built It YouTube channel was created and as they say, the rest is history. Balancing content creation full time and 3 kids has been the trickiest job Alex has come across yet. Hear how he goes from Dad in the mornings, to YouTube star mid day, back into Dad mode when he has to pick up the kids and gets them dinner and to bed in the evenings. All of this and a ton more on this weeks episode of The Tactical Baby Gear® Podcast.